About Us

What makes PROJS (Professional Jersey Solutions Inc.) one of the best and most prominent jersey framing company in all of Edmonton, AB and across Canada?

Professional Jersey Solutions have been framing for over a decade and with that experience have served Edmonton for all of those years. Our vision is to create that masterpiece with every individual piece and surpass your expectations.

We want to make sure that we help you create an piece you’ll love by turning a regular jersey into an inspiration of masterful art elegance with top-level craftsmanship and creativity.

We take your interest in certain styles of decor and turn that inspiration into something even more beautiful. With your ideas and our expert advice we can create something magical and a piece you will love for many years to come – this is our passion.

This is who we are.


The jersey and the frame around it is an expression of yourself. You have to live with it and see it everyday, this is why we take each piece we do very seriously and make sure that you can personally connect with it. We love what we do and have a passion for turning jerseys into a elegant art showcase.

Ask one of our specialists how we can help you do just that. Get a free quote!