Amazing Defensive Play By J.C Sherritt Denies A Touchdown For The Win

J.C Sherritt has always been one of the best players and he continues to be legendary. On Saturday he amazed the crowd at the common wealth stadium after making an amazing touchdown during the Canadian football league.

The 27 year old player showed amazing defensive tactics after tackling through the defensive linemen and make the great win over Winnipeg Blue Bombers possible. He ran past the defenders like an aggressive hunter to make the win touchdown. The player took an instinctive move to outrun the defensive linemen and past the offensive linesmen to create the possible move which led his teams to victory.

Sherritt has since then said that he and his team needs to work hard – that they aren’t perfect and it’s something they need to work on to be good enough. J.C Sherritt has confidence that when they face Saskatchewan Roughriders in the commonwealth stadium, they will emerge to be the winners he promises. He yearns for that Friday game and believes that his team will be ready to tackle their way to victory.

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The Eskimos have always shown great tactical and defensive plays in the sport and this contributed to their win on Saturday over Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Though they gave up on the a few 12 yard gains that day, they showed their fans a good defensive play over their opponent, which was a masterful performance. They ran attack in 3 consecutive games in a row.

Eskimos believe that in their next game, they will make a big play if the opportunity arises and are not ready to give the fans what they came for. Sherritt believes that during the game, the mistakes that happened were not physical mistakes rather they were mental mistakes and they were working on them to attain perfection before their next game.

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