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or just click the button to get started...

Find The Best Jersey Framer In Edmonton

Are your precious jersey’s lying around, hung up collecting dust or just piled up everywhere? Let us help you out with that. We understand that even though it’s easier said then done our confidence comes from absolute devotion to customer service. We truly believe that our framing skills are second to none.

Edmonton ab Jersey Framer Expert

If you are looking for Jersey Framing in Edmonton then PROJS is your one stop shop and solution. We have dedicated our focus and time on becoming jersey framer experts and it’s what you’ll notice we excel in. Even with a thousand styles and combinations to choose from; don’t worry, we keep it as simple as possible. All you have to do is pick a size, pick a style and with our experienced expertise, we turn your jersey onto a framed masterpiece made custom just for you. With our highly competitive and affordable pricing, the value is unmatched and unrivaled in Edmonton Jersey framing because of our sheer understanding of the industry – decades in already.

Our acid free materials and quality glass keep your signed and prized jersey safe from any corrosion or UV light discoloration. We know what it will take to bring out the best qualities of your jersey and how to showcase those qualities so that your family and friends are amazing every time they see it – it will be so good that people will ask where you got the frame before they notice the name on the jersey. Even if your forced to remove the jersey ten years or even a hundred years later, the framed piece within will still be in mint condition.

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With literally tons of happy customers, framing thousands of dollars worth of jerseys – it’s suffice to say that our quality and value is of the highest degree. While we walk you through all the options available, your jersey is going through something we call “royal j treatment” because we handle it as if it is one of our own, like family, fit for royalty. Your item will be red carpet worthy when we’re done with it. Our Edmonton custom framing service is one that has been voted top in the city and continues to get raving reviews by locals consistently so now it’s your turn, we’re ready when you are, digits are: (855) 777-7459.

If you want to turn your wall into something like this then give us a call.

jersey wall framed

We don’t want the frame to just compliment the overall piece but we want it to enhance and strengthen it drastically so it’s never the same without it’s “partner in shine“.

Of course you can be as involved in the process or as hands-off as you’d like, we’ll take what you have and together as a team; add our creative insights and inspirations to make it even more amazing.

wall of custom framing

You can choose the mat, backboard, frame style, color, a sewn/stapled/glued choice OR just have our experts decide everything for you while you sit back, relax and watch the magic happen.

Quality over speed.

Quality should never be rushed so we do our best to hit our time frame goal but if price is second to speed then try our 72 hour service which is quality on overdrive.

decor jersey

Outstanding quality, price and selection can only go so far, for those of you who made it this far in, maybe you need some reviews from clients, then click through here for that. They love us. It’s not because we tailor the job to custom fit your needs, which we do, it’s not cause we do in-home, in-office framing, which of course we do…

…. It’s not even because we offer an endless amount of non-jersey possibilities from bat, ball, glove, shoe, certificate, etc add-ins, which we do. But it’s because we actually care about your jersey more then most will, our passion and striving dedication to bring you museum grade craftsmanship is why our customers love what we do so much and keep coming back.

It’s time to upgrade your man cave, office or living space and finally hang that custom wall decor that you have been wanting to put up, let us help you do that with ease and no effort on your part.

Whether you’ve worn it or just collected it, we want to help you get it up for the world to see it’s beauty. Hit up our customer support contact page if you have any questions regarding anything before getting a quote, we are here to help you with whatever you need even if your not yet a customer with us, we still equally care about your jersey & sports memorabilia and would be happy to answer your questions. Click through here to get started.