Our Services

Our main focus and passion is Jersey Framing. This is what Professional Jersey Solutions have built our company around, what we are passionate about and what we specialize in. We also offer many other service which compliment our specialty.

Local Jersey Framing, this is our general frame and the fastest service for those with a time constraint and want high quality for a good price and quick turnaround.

Corporate Framing - projsOur Corporate Framing services will be able to evaluate and advise you with your cooperate needs whether it is a small project or a larger amount of pieces. We will recommend what is the best solution for your company.

Conservation Framing services is something that is becoming more and more popular these days. Many people want to restore and conserve their antique heirlooms which have been in the family for many years. Our staff are experts in art preservation techniques that will keep your jersey lasting for as long s you keep it.

Other Sports Memorabilia Framing is another option that we offer, whether you have bots, baseballs, gloves, shoes or cleats, we can frame it. We understand that the piece is sometimes not just the jersey but also the certificate or football, whatever it is we can take it and create that stunning custom box filled with memories.

Shadowbox Framing is a style of framing that we use to help create that display that showcases your items in a special way. The shadowbox can fit almost anything you can think of, if you need it framed then we will find a way to frame it. Period.

Shadowbox Framing - professional jersey framing

We also offer a rush job service that can have your order done within the day you get it to us. Ask us about what the pricing is based on what you need and we will do our best to fulfill it.

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