What Are Some Of The Benefits of Custom Framing Over Regular Type Options

custom framing with projs

The family photograph where everyone actually smiled without blinking, this is the kind of pictures that are “really” worth a thousand words. The print you brought home from your honeymoon. A painting that is also the final element in your living room decor. Let’s not forget our specially which is that beautiful jersey you’d like to showcase. These are examples of when you might be considering investing in custom framing to display these treasured works of art, some pieces need a frame that represents how special they are to you, provides protection for optimal preservation and is also aesthetically pleasing.

Picture frames come in endless shapes, sizes and materials. For everyday photographs you want to display, a frame straight of the shelf from any retailer might meet your needs. When it comes to items you want to show in your home or office, the need for custom framing is more apparent.

If you are considering the investment in a custom frame, the following reasons should be evaluated:

The right skills and tools are needed to get the job done.
A professional framing service or a pro jersey framer will have the necessary tools for precision cutting and a higher quality finished product. They also have the experience and knowledge to tailor this project to your specific needs. Whether you bring in a charcoal original from your personal studio, oil on canvas from a small town gallery or a photo printed yesterday, they will know the best solutions for mounting and display. Your best bet is to hire this out because the specialist will have the experience and the expertise to get the job done right.

Access to an impressive variety of materials to maximize options.
Stock frames may come in a few colors or textures, but custom framing allows you to create what you want, and not just settle for what is available. Professional shops have large selections of moldings and matting that can be selected and assembled for the piece. Maybe you need matting to match the clear blue ocean in your honeymoon photo, or you want something more subtle. It could be the search for a textured molding on a frame that seamlessly blends it with the decor in your home, while complementing the artwork at the same time. The options may seem unlimited. For example- matting may include inlays, layering, textures or other treatments. Or decide-is beveled glass the one item that completes this piece?

Proper sizing matches that the specific piece, not just a one size fits most approach.
Instead of force-fitting your artwork into a store bought frame, taking the project to a professional allow you to have it crafted to the specifications of the item. All of the elements are expertly selected to be proportional to the item, keeping the focus where it should be and celebrating the artwork itself. If you have smaller pieces you can decide if they will be combined or just left separate. Larger pieces can have treatments that match the scale of the piece while also fitting the space it will be displayed in.

Protection and preservation are not for the novice to handle.
UV glass, acid free papers, specialized installation techniques and other tricks of the trade allow your valued item to be not just displayed, but well taken care of now and for years to come. Environmental factors of where it will be displayed can and should be taken into consideration as well. Conversations with the framer can identify factors such as excessive humidity or glare from over-sized windows.

Outside the box ideas can come to life- on your walls.
People are framing much more than prints, paintings and photos these days. Preserving a map, a uniform, a diploma, a flag or even an old LP of your favorite tune can put your personal stamp on the walls of your home or office. You can add plaques to the matting to commemorate awards or dates, create collages within a single mat and frame, or even attach an keepsake from a trip below a photo.Traditional frames, shadowboxes and other applications can take a sentimental item and prepare it for display.

There are many reasons to consider custom framing for artwork and jerseys you cherish. Whether it is a single piece that holds extensive sentimental value, or you are looking to create a gallery in your home to add life to your walls, utilizing the services and materials of a professional can offer aesthetics, quality and preservation for many years to come.

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