Utilizing Our Expertise For Your Framing. Ask The Right Questions.

Protecting the jersey of your favorite sports team is what we specialize in. With signed jerseys of professional athletes easily costing hundreds of dollars or more, finding a reliable source for jersey framing helps protect your investment and provides an attractive display for the world to admire. For former athletes, that beloved high school or college jersey holds years of memories and deep sentimental attachment.

Preparing to have any cherished jersey or similar memorabilia framed requires gathering some important details and planning steps before you get started, please consider the following questions before selecting someone to complete this task for you:

Can all framing stores handle jersey framing?
When searching for a professional, ask if they have experience with collectibles. You can ask if they have samples of work they have done or what the framing process looks like. Here at Professional Jersey Solutions, we personally have over ten years of framing experience. You should feel comfortable with the skill level of the framing professional that will work on your project because it does take a keen eye for detail and a creative insightful mindset.

What should I discuss when requesting to have a jersey framed?
Ask what materials will be used. For example – Is it necessary for UV protecting glass? If you are concerned about reflections off the glass then make sure to discuss all your concerns before hand. If it’s signed, are they aware to make sure that the signature is visible on the layout? Is the matting hand-cut for your specific jersey and other items? What colors are standard to use and what colors are available for your desired final product? You can also discuss the overall size you want or limitations on how big the overall finished piece can be for an area in your home. Will they use cardboard inside the jersey or attach it to backing using pins or thread, and how does that affect the item? Asking all your questions beforehand will make for a smoother framing process for both you and the professional.

Are wood frames or metal frames better for jersey framing?
Many framing experts have their own opinion on this. Consider where this will be displayed and how this can tie in aesthetically to your surrounding interior. Also ask about the quality of the backing and support materials that complete the framing process because while they are not visible, they play an important part in the overall piece.

How can I make this complete so it is more than just a jersey?
Is there anything you’d like to add to the jersey that will make it even more attractive. For personal jerseys – consider team photos, individual photos or other items from those seasons. For professional jerseys it can depend on the sport. For example, baseball-themed collections may include a signed bat, baseball card or ball if the frame has the depth for it.

What questions will they ask me?
Some professional framers may ask about the elements where you plan to display the item. Questions may include exposure to light or the amount of moisture in that area.

Are there other preparations that I should be expecting to do?
You will want to make sure the jersey is ready so this may include having the jersey cleaned and pressed for optimal displaying.

Sport enthusiasts want the opportunity to take the best care of their memorabilia as possible. This includes protecting your investment in items whether purchased or collected over time. Our vision here at PROJS is to turn your jersey into a masterpiece that showcases your style a flavor for many years to come! Contact us today to receive a free quote.